No one controls Mother Nature.  “Weather” can happen without warning, and can cause devastating damage in its wake…monsoons, floods, hail storms and wind can all cause roof damage. As an insurance-qualified restoration company, Custom Building & Rememodeling has repaired, restored and replaced countless roofs over the years.  Because of our vast experience, we are careful to ensure that the design criteria and all building materials and finishes match the existing structure flawlessly.

Let Custom Building & Remodeling help you with all these services…

  • Roof damage from hail and wind

  • Exterior roof and home restoration

  • Window and door replacement

  • And much more!

We can quickly be onsite to minimize any damage caused by a storm with just one phone call.


Custom Building & Remodeling specializes in storm damage restoration for residential, commercial, and multifamily buildings and we are prepared to work with your insurance provider to handle damage of any magnitude.

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction throughout the restoration of your home or business.