We work together with you to design a structure around your needs.
We know a structure is defined by its purpose, not its design style. Whether your structure is a simple storage shed, an exciting new home office, a living space or relaxing centerpiece to your landscape, everything we build is handcrafted using a range of traditional and modern materials – cedar shakes, vinyl or real wood siding, shutters, and trim, and high-quality windows and doors. The result is a unique structure that you can truly call your own, build by a company with a long-standing dedication to the highest possible craftsmanship.

Pool Houses

 A custom, hand-crafted pool house is the perfect way to increase the value you get from your pool. Besides increasing your home value, a new pool house gives you the ability to truly enjoy the things you value even more! That might be more quality time with friends and family, more relaxation and quiet-time by your poolside, or simply the option to have your own backyard retreat to enjoy mini-staycations every day!

Imagine your family splashing and enjoying themselves in the pool while you enjoy lounging in the shade or by the bar of your new pool house or poolside bar! Incorporate an outdoor kitchen and bathroom into your pool house design, and you’ll never need to go back to your main house again!

Backyard Pavilions

Stay cool in the sun & dry in the rain with a gorgeous new outdoor pavilion for your backyard.

Pavilions provide outdoor living at its best.  Don’t worry about cancelling plans due to weather.  Rain or shine, a backyard pavilion gives you the flexibility to stay outside and spend more time outdoors with family & friends.


Some things just don’t belong in your house or shed. It belongs in a garage!

Not sure where to store your car, boat, or ATV?  Not sure where to work on that large or messy hobby?  Need more space for a man cave, workshop, or office space?

A detached garage is your most flexible and spacious storage option.

Storage Sheds & Garden Sheds

Keep the lawn mower out of your garage.

Are you out of space for your seasonal decorations or outdoor toys?  Need a dedicated place for a project? There’s no need to push the car out of the garage when your stuff gets in the way!